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How to arrange grey kitchen?

“Grey kitchen, but what accessories?” This is the most common question when choosing a kitchen in this unusual colour. The answer to this question is very simple: Everyone. The grey shade of the kitchen gives us many design possibilities thanks to its neutral colour. This colour fits into almost every style and fits into every

What kind of a grey kitchen countertop to choose?

Apart from the colour, shape and texture of the kitchen fronts, it is very important to choose the right countertop. This is what will give our kitchen the desired character and unique style. Not only the colour, but also the thickness and shape is very important. Nevertheless, the most important thing when choosing a countertop

Grey kitchen – fashionable kitchen with grey fronts

Grey color is a rapidly growing trend that can threaten the current dominance of white kitchens. Grey in the kitchen gives great possibilities of arrangement, selection of accessories, unusual colour combinations, which will work well in both classic and modern cuisine. What will work in a grey kitchen and how to arrange it? Grey kitchen

How to arrange U-shaped kitchen?

A well-thought-out U-shaped kitchen design not only creates a well-thought-out solution to create the right amount of storage space and a large number of work surfaces. When designing such a kitchen, it is also possible to perfectly add expression and style to the room, making the kitchen not only practical but also representative.  With such